Yerba Mate Tea Gourd Cup and Bombilla Straw Set. Made in Argentina.

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All of your yerba mate needs are covered from this set which comes with 1 yerba mate gourd cup and 1 stainless steel bombilla. The \'curing\' process has to be done only once when you first get a new gourd.The best and fastest way in our opinion is to fill your new gourd just below the lower part of the metal rim line. with almost boiling water (boiled water could crack the gourd), let the hot water sit for approximately 5 - 10 minutes. After this you may use a teaspoon and softly scrape the membrane out of the gourd under running water. If you have successfully removed the majority of the membrane you have completed the curing process. We strongly suggest you complete this process even if the inside of your new gourd looks pretty clean. If the inside of your new gourd has nothing to scrape out (many of our gourds are this way), just do the hot water thing only.However if you want to use your gourd right away you don't have to cure it at all. The soft membrane will slowly be removed as you empty out the old mate and rinse with running water. The first couple of times the mate may have a more bitter taste by not curing it.Please do not remove the stem in the center of the gourd. Doing so will cause the gourd to leak. Also, do not use any kind of soap to clean it.