XINSILU 3 Pcs Apron for Women and Men with Pockets, Adjustable Apron for Kitchen Chef Cooking Baking Bib Coffee Shop Apron, Painting Grilling bib Apro

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Whether you are doing housework, cooking, barbecue, baking, etc., you need the same protective equipment, which is apron, to protect you in some ways to get a sense of security. But the aprons on the market are either too soft or too hard, which often can't meet your needs. aprons can combine the two characteristics, which are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They won't be too soft or too hard. They feel soft and comfortable to wear, making it difficult for water, oil and stains to penetrate the aprons, thus dirtying your clothes. Practical Function Adjustable Neck Strap In order to fit most people, we have made an adjustable neck strap design, so you can choose the height that best suits you. Long Waist Ties 34.6 'long waist tie, suitable for all types of body, to ensure your comfort. Spacious 2 Large Pockets The two large pockets of the apron allow you to hold some condiment bags, recipe cards, pens and mobile phones to help you be more orderly at work. Read more We want you to get the maximum return from your investment. Therefore, our aprons are well made, and the edges, pockets and lace ups are professionally hemmed and reinforced for durability. Read more Our aprons can be machine washed, but it is recommended that you wash them with clean water, avoid using dyes or bleach, and dry and iron them at low temperature. Read more