Works with Ziploc! & Vacuum chamber pouches! reduces your running costs by up to 90%. It can even pack liquids and powders. Next Generatio

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Material Type:Main product (Basic model)Works with Zipper bags including 'Ziploc', and chamber-type vacuum sealer bags! is a vacuum sealer with a snorkel suction that works with Zipper bags and 'Vacuum Chamber Pouches.' Uses commercials available Nylon-poly bags: cut up to 90% of costs. The cost for 3-month if Packed 50bags per day. Embossed bags: $1845 Ziploc or Nylon-poly bags: $360 *In case of (embossed bags (unit price 41 cents), Ziploc or Nylon-poly (unit price 8 cents)) FoodShield can be used with the following bags: Nylon-poly bags (Recommended bags are 'VacMaster 3-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches'. Cannot be used with embossed bags or rolls for other types of sealers.) Mylar bags (Cannot be used with gusset bags) Works with liquids and powders. FoodShield has a built-in liquid separation container, so it works with liquids and powders, too. *YouTube has many types of videos, please search for 'FoodShield.' Note: Some of the customers have problems while vacuuming and sealing. Most of these problems are caused by misusage. Please read the instruction manual carefully. The below is a quick instruction on how to avoid them. To seal, press the nozzle button while vacuuming (the motor inside is working). The nozzle will be stored in the unit and sealing automatically begins._ *Please do not press the start/stop button before pressing the nozzle button.