Wooden Hangers 18 Pack, Strong Wood Suit Hangers with Extra Smooth Finish, Precisely Cut Notches and 360 Degree Chrome Swivel Hook, Solid Wood

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18 Pack Suit Hangers, Solid Wood Hangers with Notched Cut Shoulder Read more Why choose products? Ordinary hangers like free wooden hanger, wire and cardboard hanger, just hang your clothes and do nothing to protect your clothes, even ruin great garments. JS HANGER aimed at providing various quality products and multi-purpose item backed by excellent service. Read more Precisely Cut Notches Featuring curved hangers to support your garments, hang your shirts or dresses without any damage. Well polished and perfectly cut notches along the shoulder line make it more convenient to hang thin straps, dresses, and blouses. 360-degree Swivel Hook Chrome 360-degree swivel hook will easily fit all standard closet rods. 360 degrees rotating feature allows you to turn the hanger sideways to check out the clothes without taking them out of the wardrobe. FSC takes care of forests and those who rely on them. Read more Solid Wooden Coat HangerSolid Wooden pants hangerSolid Wooden Pants hangerSolid Wooden pants hangerSolid Wooden Coat HangerMaterialSolid WoodSolid WoodSolid WoodSolid WoodSolid WoodPack6512108FinishNaturalNaturalNaturalNaturalNatural