W Series (3 Ft) - 9 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack (Satin Black) Stylish Modern Wine Storage with Label Forward Design

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The W Series is our patented wall mounted wine rack that features the original label-forward design trusted by interior design and building professionals. This metal wine rack started the modern wine storage movement with a contemporary style unknown to the industry prior. Perfect for any size room Ñ residential or commercial. The W Series collection is completely modular to scale with a wine collection of any size, starting at just a few bottles. W Series: Versatile, chic, metal wine racking for any wall Neck & Base Advantage The W Series features 's patented label-forward design that cradles both the neck and base of a bottle independently for a the most secure and chic storage of valuable wine bottles available. These wine racks include everything you need to install direct to drywall or wood wall surfaces. Stack to Reach Your Height The W Series scales to meet your project needs. Available in 1', 2', 3', and 4' sections, our modern, design-forward wine racks can be connected Ñ using supplied coupler Ñ to reach any wall height requirement. Each rack height comes in three bottle depth options (single, double, or triple), making it versatile enough to look great in projects that call for minimalism or max capacity. Magnum, Big Bottle, and Wine Glass options available, too. Magnum and Big Bottle options also available. Choose your Bottle Depth The W Series comes in three unique bottle depths to meet your storage and design needs. Pick single depth when space is limited or minimalism rules. Triple deep packs in the bottles for the most serious collectors. Double is the happy medium between design and practicality. Pick Your Finish We are all about the finish. The W Series comes in four design-focused finishes to match hardware, fixtures, or styles in any room. Satin Black: a matte finish the blends behind the bottle Brushed Nickel: brings a stainless-steel style to the wine room Chrome: Attention grabbing shine for a true designer look Chrome Luxe: All the beauty of chrome with elevated details like machine rounded rod tips and plated mounting hole covers. Read more