VinglacŽ Stemless Wine Glass | Stainless Steel Outside, Glass Inside | Includes Spill Proof Lid | Double Walled, Vacuum Insulated | For Hot & Cold Bev

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Taste the Wine Not the Glass Our storyHow we got our start? We created the VinglacŽ line of products so that beverages of all types could be enjoyed at the proper temperature, without any metallic taste or smell. Whether it's wine or champagne, coffee or tea, sparkling water or soda, nobody likes the taste of metal. What makes our product unique? Our Original product was designed to keep your bottle chilled, without the mess. Our drinkware is completely unique, as it offers double walled vacuum insulation of stainless steel on the outside, but with glass on the inside. Now you can enjoy your beverage, without the taste or smell with metal Why we love what we do? We are based in Texas and package each product with extreme care from our warehouse in Houston. If you ever have any questions regarding your order, or just have interest in our products, we are always available to help!