Vegan & Eco-Friendly Bulk Gift Wrap Set - Stylish Jute/Burlap Gift Bags With Handles - 12 Pack Set Includes 4 Sizes Each in 3 Colours - Navy/Red/Green

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Vegan & Eco-Friendly Bulk Gift Wrap Set - Stylish Jute/Burlap Gift Bags With Handles - 12 Pack Set Includes 4 Sizes Each in 3 Colours - Navy/Red/Green PLUS 12 Gift Tags - Gift Wrapping that Can be Reu Make Gift Wrapping as Easy as 1, 2, 3..... 1. Select the Right Sized & Coloured Bag for the Present you are Giving What colour of bag will you choose? Green Gift Bag with HandleRed Gift Bag with HandleNavy Gift Bag with Handle What is the best bag size? 12' long x 11' high with 5.5' gusset8.5' long x 12' high with 5.5' gusset12' long x 8' high with 5.5' gussetWine Bag - 4' x 14' high with 3.75' gusset 2. Choose the Best Message for the Occasion What is the best message for this gift? Happy BirthdayWith LoveBest WishesA Gift for You Simply attach the message tag you want to the bag using the velcro strips on both. 3. Add the Gift and Go Gift wrapping duties DONE, but don't forget to: Tell the giftee that the bag is designed for multi-use.Encourage them to 'regift' the gift bag or repurpose it. Read more Jute - A Material Made (Grown) by Nature Natural Carbon Offset - Kinder to the Environment Being a green plant, photosynthesis occurs in the growing process. A Jute crop uses carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to grow. The byproduct of this process is oxygen which is released into the air. This process helps to naturally offset any carbon emissions that occur when it is woven into fabric & used to manufacture final products, such as the light lamination coating on the inner bag to help increase its structure and durability - a blending of natural and man-made. NB. The lamination helps the bags to be water-resistant, but they are not waterproof. Fast Growing Renewable Resource that Creates Beautiful & Practical Things Jute takes about 120 days to grow & can be harvested yearly.It comes from nature (grown not created).It can be used to produce products that are both beautiful, durable & long-lasting.It produces items that can be used over & over - say no to 'single-use' products. Green Up Your Gift-Giving The bags are coloured using AZO free dyes which are not harmful to the environment. Vegan-friendly Designed to be reused or repurposed. Stylish and Durable. Buy in bulk and save money, time and stress. Read more About Many of us like to know more about the businesses we are buying from ESPECIALLY when SHOPPING ONLINE: Who are they?Why do they offer this product? Do they actually own the products they are promoting? For us, the answer is YES! We like to 'test' all of the products in our range in our own home before we offer them to you. We want to know for ourselves - are they: Easy to use &/or assemble (if required)?Good-quality and will they stand up to the rigours of regular use in a real home?Are they going to make our lives easier (better)? Do they solve a problem people have?Are they something we would buy for our own home - yes, we like practical but we also like beautiful things too! We then work with our manufacturers in India or Asia to produce the item in the most sustainable and ethical ways. Read more