Tree Buddees Creepy Clown with Bloody Axe Halloween, Christmas Ornament

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Tree Buddees Creepy Clown with Bloody Axe Halloween, Christmas Ornament Tree Buddees Halloween ornaments are fun, unique and sometimes creepy ornaments. As Halloween trees become more popular, the need for these unique decorations grows. This is where we come in. Tree Buddees has been making the most unique ornaments in the industry since 2012. What makes us unique is that all of our designs are our own. Each design is made with the idea that there's nothing like it anywhere on the market. This is what grabs our potential customers attention. What makes them a buyer and brand supporter is the excellent quality in which our ornaments are made. All of our ornaments are made with quality materials, such as Glass for the bulbs and sturdy hand painted plastic resin for our 3D figures. Tree Buddees - Making Non-traditional Ornaments, a Tradition. Ornaments with a Cause A portion of our profits with every sale is donated annually to help the less fortunate. 'The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away' - Pablo Picasso. A BIG THANK YOU once again to all of our customers! Because of your support, we are able to make a donation every year to those in need. Read more Ornament Theme: This scary, creepy circus clown is holding balloons in one hand and a bloodied weapon in the other. This freaky clown is what nightmares are made of - starting with the creepish look on his face while hiding the bloody knife in the other hand from view. He's perfect for Halloween it clown decorations or haunted house ornament. The horror styled ornaments are great for getting double holiday use out of! Buy him in fall for a Halloween tree or simply use him as a Halloween decoration if you don't have a tree. Then when Halloween is over, there's no need to put it away! You can hang him on your Christmas tree and enjoy the creepiness throughout the Holiday seasons. Halloween Christmas ornaments are fun for both seasons! Read more Materials: Our 3D resin figure ornaments are hand painted and made of durable resin. We use top quality resin, this adds to the weight of the ornament but also adds to the ornament's durability. It will take a lot more than just falling off the Christmas / Halloween tree to break this ornament! This process is time consuming and tedious, however this is what we believe makes our Tree Buddees stand out from the rest. We take pride in the quality of our products. Most similar ornaments are made of plastic, which doesn't have the same durability as our resin process. Read more One for you: If you love Clowns, this little guy will complete any collection! Treat (not trick) yourself into a fun ornament that you can use in October, November and December! Size: This scary ornament is 3.25' x 2' in size. Making it a great size for any Halloween or Christmas tree. All of our ornaments are roughly the same scale in size. Meaning the whole Tree Buddees collection is meant to fit with one another. Packaging: Each Tree Buddees ornament comes in retail packaging, making it gift giving ready! The sinister clown also comes with a black string, making him ready to hang right out of the box! One for them: The Tree Buddees Halloween decoration makes for the perfect Halloween gift for the Clown lover you know! These ornaments are perfect for ugly ornament gift exchanges, white elephant gifts or a great stocking stuffer! Read more