Top ChefÕs 12' Knife Rod + Knife Guard Honing Steel Complete Kit | Professional Carbon Steel Honing Rod & Luxury Carry Bag Ð Universal Honing Rod / St

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Size:12Even the best bladesÑfilet (for fish), yanagi (for sushi), sword, machete, santoku, bread knife, or any other bladeÑ cut rougher and slower after time. To stay safe, you canÕt just use a whetstone as a sharpener. YouÕve got to keep your iron aligned, and no stones, grinder or ceramic can help with that.The UberSchnitt Team put in hours with real chefs finding innovative changes to classic butcherÕs-block honing rods that make them perform better than ever.Introducing É The UberSchnitt Top ChefÕs Knife Rod + Knife Guard Honing Steel Complete KitFor Quick, Safe HoningOur ergonomic, anti-fatigue honing rod helps you bring your knifes alive. Unlike cheap honing rods that chip or shift in use, the UberSchnitt is manufactured with the most durable materials around, with hand guards and an over-molded rubber, non-slip, comfort-grip handle that protects as you beautify your blades. A Truly Beautiful Carrying Case Going somewhere? Travel with your honing rod in your new stylish faux leather carrying case for a super ÒsharpÓ look. When youÕre done, just throw it in an organizer or drawer to store it stylishly and safely.Get Started with Honing!Simply hold the ergonomic handle and plant the tip of the steel into your cutting board. Next, place your knifeÕs heel against the top of the honing steel at a 15-20 degree angle. Gently draw the hunting knofe, fillet or axe down the full length of the steel, maintaining a constant angle, and pull it clean the full length of the knife. Next, bring the heel of the knife against the other side of the steel at a 15-20 degree angle, then dragging the knife blade across until the knifeÕs tip and the tip of the steel meet. Repeat a handful of timesÑaround eight is usually the magic numberÑand youÕve honed your blade. Ready to Join the UberSchnit Family?