- The Claw Quick-Set - Professional Strength - Rat Snap Trap - 6 Pack

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The Claw Rat Snap Trap á Easy, one-step setup á Heavy-duty construction á Multiple anchor points á Optimal trigger sensitivity Read more Placement Tips Less is More If using bait remember to use just a little bit Ð less than half a gram Ð about the size of a kidney bean Protein Power If using bait consider protein-rich foods like peanut butter, chocolate or bacon. Remember to switch it up Ð if one bait isnÕt working try another. Nesting Materials If protein baits arenÕt effective consider using nesting materials like cotton balls or torn paper towels. Or combine the proteins and nesting materials. Read more Trapping Tips Multiple Placements Rodents will investigate their surroundings, placing several traps in multiple locations will increase your likelihood of a catch. Plan Ahead Leave the unset trap without bait in the rodentÕs environment for a day or two before baiting & setting. This will allow the rodent to get acclimated with the trap before you add set and add the bait. Switch it Up Rodents are fickle creatures - if you aren't having success trapping in one area move the trap to a different location every few days. Read more The Claw Rat Snap TrapSnapper Rat Snap TrapClassic Mouse Snap TrapSnapper Mouse Snap TrapNon-Toxic____Fast-Acting____Target PestRatsRatsMiceMiceBase MaterialPlasticPlasticWoodPlasticTrap Size3' x 5.5' x 2.63'3Ó x 5.5Ó x 2.75Ó1.75Ó x 3.94Ó2.125Ó x 4.25Ó x 2.125Ó