Techwood Raclette Table Grill, Electric Indoor Grill Korean BBQ Grill, Removable 2-in-1 Non-Stick Grill Plate, 1500W Fast Heating with 8 Cheese Melt P

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Techwood Raclette Table Grill, Electric Indoor Grill Korean BBQ Grill, Removable 2-in-1 Non-Stick Grill Plate, 1500W Fast Heating with 8 Cheese Melt Pans, Ideal for Parties and Family Fun Read more Techwood electric raclette table grill is perfect for hosting a fun and easy dinner party or just take a daily family dinner with delicious and healthy grilled food. With the individual grill pans everyone can involve in the cooking of their own meals. It is something for everyone to enjoy when cooking with a raclette grill. The top plate is 2 in 1 reversible grill plate for creating delicious crepes and you could grill meat, vegetables, seafood and pancakes on the top plate and then dip and drizzle the melted cheese or sauce onto the freshly grilled creations. With the Raclette Party Grill, let your party guests in on the cooking fun. Techwood VERSATILE RACLETTE GRILL 120V 60Hz 1500W8 Paddles with cool to touch handle for raclette cheese, cooking sides and sauces or keeping food warm.With power 1500W, it can cook up meats, veggies and seafood just in minutes.Cooking temperature 392 - 536_ from warm to sear, allows for cooking a variety of food. Read more MULTI-FUNCTION & EASY TO CLEAN 2-in-1 Reversible top Large grill plate 19 x 9 inch. The grooved side allows you grill desired food, and the grooved surface can be grilled with grill marks and easily remove excess oil. Flat grilling surface is perfect for cooking delicious crepes. Visible indicator light and non-slip feet provide safety use. Adjustable temperature control for versatile cooking options. The grill plate and 8 heat-resistant Raclette trays are removable and easy for cleaning. Non-stick cooking area makes every day cooking easy, healthy, and delicious. ATTN: We recommend preheating the plate for 3-5 minutes at the highest level. Once heated, turn the temperature control knob to the desired level. Read more NON-STICK COATING FOR HEALTHY GRILLING Non-stick cooking surface of the large top plate and individual pans allow for more sliding and easy cleanup. Healthy cooking-Large grill area is great for dinner parties,with reversible big non-stick grill plate and griddle plate is ideal for grilling slices of steak or chicken or vegetables like peppers and courgette. You can conveniently prepare more healthier meals for entire family without using butter or oil. EASILY ADJUST FIREPOWER The raclette grill is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and visible indicator lights for judging whether the power is on or off. With temperature control, rotate the switch to easily adjust the firepower. for versatile cooking options. Stainless steel heating tube 1500W high power can reach the cooking state in 1 minute. EASY TO CLEAN AND DISHWASHER SAFE Cleanup is just as easy because the 2-in-1 grill plate and heating trays are all dishwasher safe. The electric grill can be cleaned directly with tap water or dishwasher. The enhanced non-stick coating can easily clean the oil on the board. Read more GREAT FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER The raclette grill is flexible enough to be used all day. The reversible top grill plate has a flat side and it is perfect for pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. You can grill cheese sandwiches and pizza for lunch or tender, juicy hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. EASY, INDIVIDUALIZED GRILLING ThereÕs something for everyone to enjoy delicious food when cooking with a raclette grill. With a 2-in-1 reversible large nonstick die-cast grilling surface, plus 8 individual heating trays below, everyone can grill and combine ingredients any way they want. COMES WITH 8 INDIVIDUAL TRAYS The Raclette tray can be used to melt cheese. The combination of melted cheese with shallots, gherkin, ham, pepperoni, a French stick and white wine is also very tasteful. 8 independent trays can meet the different needs of 8 people, and everyone can create different food combinations. Read more