Tapgranz 9 inch Round Bread Banneton Proofing Basket Set - Bread Making Tools and Supplies Kit - Proving Basket for Sourdough Bread Making

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Meet Your New Hobby Sourdough Bread Making Solution A proofing basket provides support and shape to the dough as it undergoes its final rise. This proofing basket is made of natural rattan cane. The set provides enough tools for proofing your sourdough bread. Perfect for sourdough lovers and your loved ones to satisfy those cravings! Proofing basket is used for proofing sourdough, do not use to bake in an oven, microwave oven and other kitchen appliances producing heat. SIMPLE STEPS ON HOW TO USE Prep Lightly mist proofing basket with water and flour Place Place sourdough inside proofing basket Proof Let sourdough rise until properly fermented Read more Put Turn proofing basket over to take sourdough out Pattern Create own pattern with lame bread tool or use of stencil design (optional) Position Have sourdough ready to bake without the proofing basket Read more Great for Both Home and Professional Bakers Have a Worthwhile Experience No Matter the Season Enjoy your tasty, easy and satisfying sourdough artisan bread with the all-in-one essential baking tools that will leave everyone craving for more!