Table Runner and Placemats 1 Table Runner 4 Place Mats Set American Flag Lightweight Easy to Fold and Store Durable Washable Heart Resistant Polyester

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Color:Blue-white-red American Flag'American Independence Day is coming soon, do you want to buy some decorations to celebrate American Independence Day?' 'Of course, I have already bought some decorations. Now I am considering buying a table runner and placemat set.' 'Oh, we have the same idea. I think they are not only decorations but also can be used as dining room supplies for daily use.' 'Yes, table runners and placemats can be insulated to protect our wooden dining tables from high temperatures, and they can also be used to preventÊthe stains caused by the splashed soup.' 'Yes, I have already taken a look at the products of a store called . Their table runner and placemat sets are exquisitely made, good in quality, and cost-effective.Ê They are washable environmentally friendly polyester fabrics, durable and reusable.ÊThe table runner placemat set includes 1Êtable runner and 4Êplacemats, enough for us to hold small gatherings at home.' 'That's great, let's hurry up and buy a set. Using the table runner and placemat set can make our home more fashionable, and it can also create a different dining atmosphere and make daily dining full of ritual.'