T2950 Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert,White

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Keep pests out of your clothes, fabrics, and dry goods with the TERRO Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert. This convenient trap works both as a trap to target active moth infestations, while also helping you to monitor new moth activity when an infestation first begins. The trap uses a powerful pheromone attractant to lure clothes moths and pantry moths into the glue trap, which stops them before they can continue breeding. The trap includes two lures, which each last for up to 3 months, offering up to 6 months of moth control total. Each lure is stored in airtight pouches to prevent the attractant from depleting prior to use, ensuring they remain fresh until opened. Meanwhile, the convenient Timestrip indicators makes it easy to monitor lure life, so you know when itÕs time to replace. Best of all, the TERRO Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert features an attractive design to blend in with your dŽcor and allow for flexible placement. It can be laid flat, mounted, or used freestanding for ultimate ease of use!