StarRoad PVC high-Speed Rolling Mouse Trap Bucket Mousetrap Continuous Capture Log Catch Mice Rat Traps Include No Need Drilling Required Fit 5 Gallon

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Precautions: 1: We only sell the drum, not sell buckets, please ready a bucket and ladder by yourself. 2: The total length of the mouse is: 11.4 inches, the drum length is:10.5inches, width: 0.98inches 3: If you want to achieve the desired effect of the mouse, please make sure add water to one-third ways of the bucket and the bucket deep enough. 4: the mouse jump height about 15in or up,bucket need to be more than 15inches high 5: Please bring some mouse 's food, reference : cream, peanut butter, bread and so on.If your can not be smeared, Please use a rubber band to make it fixed 6: In order to achieve better catching effect ,please smear or fixed the in the middle of the drum, while the two sides of the cylinder in the middle of the stent is also put a little . 7: If the drum is used or stored for a long time ,It will be lead to rotation not sensitive enough, you need add a little lubricants to the roller, so that the drum sensitive effect again! 8: On both sides of the bucket need to install the channel, or build a board, and put , seduce the mouse to the place.