Sorfey Clear Plastic Tablecloth Protector, Waterproof & Stain Resistant, Best Value Thick, Heavy Duty, 60-Inch by 144-Inch, Oblong

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Size:60-Inch by 144-InchThis tablecloth protectorwill make your dining experience for indoor or outdoor parties, picnics, holiday feasts, birthday events, wedding banquets, and any other special occasions with minimal post party stress. The edges of the tablecloth are professionally hemmed to give it a neat and finished look. The tablecloth is available in round and rectagular shapes so that you can make the right choice depending on your specific need. Super clear vinyl tablecloth protector keeps the mess away. Protect fine linens from spills and stains. This crystal clear protector lets you see the beauty of the tablecloth underneath while keeping it fresh and clean. It makes cleaning a snap just wipe it clean with ease. Window clear vinyl keeps your expensive tablecloth clean and your wooden table safe from spills.