Single-use Disposable Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps | Designed Exclusively for Homemade Lures | 100% Recyclable Lightweight Plastic | 5 Pack

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR FRUIT FLY TRAP DECIDE ON A LURE. No fruit fly trap works if the lure is not attractive, so choose carefully. We think ripe banana or apple cider vinegar are the best options. RIPE BANANA. Cut a 3/4Ó (2 cm) piece. With a fork, mash it with a pinch of bakers yeast, and a drop each of water and mild dish soap. Place the mixture in Õs small clear lure cup. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Remove both clear plastic parts, fill the base halfway with apple cider vinegar, and add a drop of dish soap. Assemble your and place it where fruit flies are a problem. Depending on your lure, it can take a day or two for fruit flies to discover your . ASSEMBLE YOUR FRUIT FLY TRAP IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER. 1 TOP (yellow), 2 DIVIDER (clear),* 3 LURE CUP (clear),* 4 BASE (yellow) *When using liquid baits like vinegar, remove the two clear parts (parts 2 and 3) and dispose of them in the recycling bin. IT OPENS WITH A GENTLE SQUEEZE. A gentle squeeze with two fingers where the top and bottom parts snap together will ÔPOPÕ it open. Resist the urge to pry the top off like a lid. USE AND RECYCLE. Made with lightweight, disposable PET plastic, the Fruit Fly Trap is designed for responsible recycling. We cherish the earth's natural resources and are dedicated to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every aspect of our business. All of our products embody this ethos. Read more