Silicone Trivet Mat Set for Hot Dishes, DATYSON Multi-Use Hot Pads Kitchen Trivets for Hot Pan and Pot Holder with Flower Carving, Heat Resistant, 7 I

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DATYSON 3 PACK SILICONE TRIVET SET, A BETTER CARE FOR YOUR HOME 1. Better Material: 100% food-grade safe silicone, which is much better than cloth and other material because it is durable, flexible and easy to clean. 2. Extreme Applicable Temperatures Range: With range from -148¡F up to 446¡F, the trivet mat is a great helper for your cooking. It can be a table mat to protect your table or countertop from hot dishes, pans or pots coming out from microwave or stove. You can use it as potholder to keep you away from heat and burning. Besides, it works good to be jar opener, spoon rest, drying mat, coffee pot holder and tea pot holder. 3. Decorative Pattern: Carving floral pattern in dual color makes this mat set a beautiful home decor. It is also a good choice as birthday, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas gift to your friends and family members. 4. Perfect Size: Each trivet pad is 7 inch and the thick 0.275 inch. They are very good protection against heat and scratch from your furniture. Why Should You Choose DATYSON Silicone Trivets? 100% Food-Grade Safe Material DATYSON trivet mats set is made of 100% food-grade silicone, BPA free, no smell or any unhealthy material, which provide your family members with good care. Besides, the silicone trivets are strong, flexible and durable enough to use for a long time. Extreme Temperature Range The temperature range of DATYSON silicone trivet mats is from -148¡F to 446¡F, which is good to protect your tables or countertops from hot dishes, hot pan or hot pot coming out from microwave or stove. You can put the silicone trivet pads into your oven, microwave or dishwasher and they won't be melt but not be closed to open flame. Anti-Slip Embossed Bottom Design The bottom of DATYSON silicone hot pads are embossed with strong grib to keep your tableware or cooking ware stable on the silicone kitchen mats. Easy to Clean & Maintain It's very easy to keep DATYSON silicone kitchen pads clean and new.Simply wash them with your hands or throw it into the dishwasher when the silicone mats are dirty. The color and pattern won't be changed even you use it for a long time. Read more A Super Helper for Your Cook; Different Roles Play in A Kitchen. The resistant temperature of DATYSON durable trivets is up to 446¡F, which protect you well from heat and damage. It can be used as a spatula rest, turner rest, spoon rest when you cook. A Super Helper for Your Cook; Different Roles Play in A Kitchen. The big size are compatible with not only coffee cups, mugs, glasses but also beer glasses, pots and so on. A Super Helper for Your Cook; Different Roles Play in A Kitchen. With carved floral pattern, the grip is stronger so you can open the jar easily. A Super Helper for Your Cook; Different Roles Play in A Kitchen. After you wash cups or mugs, put them upside down on the silicone trivets so the water would gather in the carved crack. Hot Pads, Hot Pan Holder, Table Mats Drink Coasters, Spoon Rest Jar Opener, Garlic Peeler Drying Mats Professional Trivets, More Fun & Convenience for Your Friends And Family Members Perfect Size & Weight Size in 7 * 7 inch and extra thick design in 0.275 inch.The weight for each set is 300g. A Good Gift Choice With a nice look and good quality, DATYSON silicone trivet set is a good gift for your friends and family members. 2 Color Options Each option has 3 packs and there are 2 color options. Read more