Set of 2 Etched Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, Easy to Clean with Non-Skid No-Tip Silicone Ring, Feeding Bowls for Dogs (2 Pak / 32oz Each Bowl)

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The Bowls with the Blue Stuff Buy the bowls with the blue stuff. 'Why?' you ask. Because it's not just pretty, that blue ring you see in the images is actually silicone, and let me tell you a little about silicone - Silicone is manufactured from pure and natural silica, yes, thats right, sand. And what makes silicone so special for food grade feeding dishes is that silicone is used instead of rubber to keep the no tip bowls in place. Rubber is a petro-chemical product, so not only does it have an un-appetizing scent of petroleum, but it also wears out five times faster than does silicone. I also designed these bowls with the silicone ring to be easily removable. The reason for this is that while bonded silicone may seem convenient, the reality is that in between the bonding and the stainless steel there are grooves which trap food particles, which then inevitably create areas of bacteria. Bacteria is not good, and when its around the food our pets eat, its even worse and can lead to many terrible diseases. Being able to remove the silicone ring and to dishwasher clean and sanitize the feeding dishes is best for your pet, and for you to have lower vet bills. So again, buy the bowls with the blue stuff, you (and your pet), will be glad you did. Premium Stainless Steel & Food Grade Natural Silicone Mr. Peanut's Embossed Stainless Steel 2 Pak Set of Feeding Bowls Manufactured of Food Safe Stainless Steel, this 2 Bowl Set is rust resistant and offers a healthy alternative to plastic bowls. Stainless Steel does not harbor bacteria in the way that plastic does, nor does it hold odors. These no-tip bowls holds up to 32 ounces, perfect for fresh water, foods and treats. _ Mr. Peanut's Pet Bowls size: * Top diameter - 7.5 inches * Bottom diameter - 9.6 inches * Height - 2.5inches * Inside depth 1.9 - Holds up to 24-ounce or 3 cups _ Anti Slip Design to prevent scratches and damage to your floors _ Stainless Steel Ease of Cleaning (Dishwasher Safe) _ Rust Resistant _ Healthier Alternative to Plastic, Does Not Harbor Bacteria _ Odor Resistant Kitchen Food Grade Stainless Steel _ Sourced and Made in India Odor Free, Dishwasher Safe & Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Mr. Peanut's Embossed Stainless Steel Dog Bowls with a Silicone Ring offer a beautiful, rust resistant design for long lasting beauty. The stainless finish with a classic Paw & Bone Embossed Design add a modern designer look to your kitchen and dining room, while the Blue Silicone gives a touch of color, and best of all the bowls are dishwasher safe.