Sand Timer 4 Colors Hourglass Sand Timer Clock Toothbrush Timer Timer for Kids Games Classroom Home Office Kitchen Use (12510min)

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SANDGLASS TIMERS SET is especially designed for the people who lives in the 21th century, Never use your phone to time which can disperse your energies easily. Using these durable and colored sand timers to help you stay focused and productive for longer. What's more, sand timers can Help your kids develop a strong sense of time and do things more efficiently. SOLID SAND TIMER Very Shock- resistance Sand Timers Set to ensure safe, just feel ease when your kids use. Read more Ideal for teachers to use in the classroom, for kids to time teethbrushing or studying, To develop strong sense of time or do things more efficiently. 5 Min 30Mins Sand Timer2 min 20min sand timers3min 15min Sand Timer2 Pcs Call BellFeature±10% time deviation±10% time deviation±10% time deviationLoud Call Bell with big smileSize5.1''X 2.2''(Handheld size)5.1''X 2.2''(Handheld size)5.1''X 2.2''(Handheld size)3.3''X 2.6''Waterproof____Solid Construction____