Round Ice Cube Mold Set of 4 Individual 2.5 Inch Tight Sealing, Leak Proof Silicone Big Sphere Ice Ball Makers for Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon - Black

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SHEFIO - The home of practical yet whimsical accessories for your household. Our secret ingredient is love and great design. SHEFIOÕS NEW AND INNOVATIVE ICE BALL MAKER FOR YOUR COCKTAIL KIT OR BAR Easy to fill Simply place under the tap or pour in water a bit below the squiggly water line. YouÕll see the water level very clearly because the top half of the ice mold is transparent. You wonÕt overfill and find yourself with a messy freezer. You will have the perfect ball shape every time. Make sure to tightly seal the silicone ice cube tray and place in the least cold part of the freezer for 4-6 hours. When do ice ball makers need wings? When you want them to open easily and reveal to you the perfect sphere every time! Our winged design has been specially engineered to save you time and aggravation. By simply pulling the wings apart, out pops your perfectly formed ice ball. YouÕll never have to run after a runaway ice ball again! Allow to rest at room temperature 5-10 minutes before attempting to release the ice cube balls. Built to stand to attention in the freezer! WeÕve engineered these ice ball makers in such a way that they will not fall over nor move from their place in the freezer once youÕve placed them there. These silicone molds will never crack like the plastic molds often do. There will be no freezer disasters with these guys. Read more NEVER DRINK ANOTHER DILUTED DRINK ON THE ROCKS! You want your drink on the rocks because you want your whiskey ice cold, not because you want it diluted. Leaving your drink for just a few minutes with regular ice cubes ensures a watered-down drink and an unhappy drinker. One ice sphere is the equivalent of 6 regular ice cubes and will defrost much slower. Leaving your drink purer and colder for longer. THE PERFECT SIZE At 2.5Ó this is the perfect size for your rocks glass or your whiskey tumbler. Try it for yourself, youÕll love the effect. Read more NOT JUST FOR THE SERIOUS STUFF! For those who prefer a cocktail to a hard liquor, these ice spheres are fun, exciting and Instagram worthy! Add a little mint or lemon or whatever you feel like when freezing and really impress your guests. Read more EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SET SAYS ÒGIFTÓ! Easy to send, easy to carry, and easy to giveÉ These ice spheres are going to be a favorite for Christmas this year! TheyÕre also a fantastic housewarming or hostess gift. In fact, theyÕre perfect for any occasion.