Rotato Express 2.0 | Updated 2017 Model - Electric Peeler

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Rotato Express 2.0 | Updated 2017 Model - Electric Peeler Rotato Express 2.0 - Updated Version Peels instantly potatoes, fruits and vegetables Plop on a potato, peel it and pare it in 10 seconds flatÑsayonara potato skins! The Rotato Express instantly peels not just potatoes but also other fruits and vegetables at the push of a button. It stops automatically when the peeling is over and will operate cordlessly with batteries, making it 'picnic portable.' Characteristics Two extra blades tucked in a built-in compartment Handy thumb knife for quick, easy paringt Non-slip base Durable ABS plastic Ultra safe design: no need to touch or hold the vegetable while it's peeling More hygienic than manual peeling Cleans easily with a damp, sudsy cloth Operates alternatively with a 6.0 Volt electrical adaptor No waste, no effort Peeled potato Peels just the skin! Peeling fruits and vegetables is quick and easy with the Rotato Express. It peels just the skin without wasting any of the nutritious part of the vegetable. The Rotato Express is simple and safe to operate; even a child can use it. Its non-slip base holds it securely to the counter or other work surface. Rotato comes with a little plastic knife, stored conveniently under the base. It's specially designed for easy removal of potato eyes or other blemishes. Peels the following foods Potatoes Cucumbers Apples Pears Peaches Turnips Onions Tomatoes Radishes Kiwis Helpful hints Before peeling, put a paper towel beneath the Rotato to catch peelings. When choosing foods to be peeled, choose fruits and vegetables that are firm, blemish free and symmetrically shaped. Fruits and vegetables more than 5.5' tall should be cut in half so the Rotato Express can grip them firmly.