Rice Cooker Spoon Holder by , Rice Cooker Spoon Case, Non-Stick Spatula for Rice Cooker with Spoon Holder, Kitchen Utensils, Rice Spatula

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Do you own a rice cooker? So, you must have felt the need for a suitable rice scoop for your rice cooker and a scoop holder too? The Rice cooker scoop by is the solution. A white rice cooker spoon with a wide scoop and a spoon holder that has a suction cup to attach with whatever you want and place it inside the case when not in use. A strong grip of a suction cup easily attaches and conveniently sets up with any cooker, plastic or glass counter. Dishwasher Safe Made with good quality plastic this rice scoop is dishwasher safe and durable. Handy Scoop for Your Kitchen Apart from all these benefits, our rice scoop is very handy and easy to use, a must-have for a kitchen. So, order one now, click on ÒBuy nowÓ