Retro Desk Fan USB Powered Quiet Powerful Table Personal Fan for Office Home Desktop Laptop, Small 4 Inch Portable Elegant Pedestal Vintage Co

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Color:BlackAttention: This product is fulfilled by amazon which is out of hand, itÕs hard for us to give you an after-sale greeting. Please contact with us first when you get some problem on our fan, such as you donÕt like it and want to return it. All of our customers get a fine result after they contact with us. Why donÕt we design the fan become more quiet? Limited little size and power, itÕs the final compromise of wind power and quiet according to our design philosophy. What we need? Pursuing the beauty is our nature, Like decorating our house better, wearing a charming clothing, trimming our garden. Why? Visual enjoyment. This little art brings not only the cool feel but also the visual enjoyment. Rather compete with wise man for the whole world than argue with feather wit for win or lose. What is the design philosophy? Quality, classic, beautiful and concise are our pursuing, and also they are what we would like to share with our customer. In the process of growing, no matter how many times of setbacks you may encounter, no matter what sneer you will hear, you just keep improving yourself (providing the best product and customer service), then the bright will belongs to you. please read our product instruction before you use it. please put it on a relative smooth table. How to see the dimension and effect of the fan? Please watch the video on YouTube. Just search Ò usb fanÓ, then you could see it. Production detail: There are Five kinds of USB fans in this listing, please choice the best suitable one as you like. *Power: USB plug *Material: PP and ABS plastic *Size: 180*105*165mm (approx) *N.W.: 200-300G *Voltage: DC 5V *Power consumption: 2.5+-0.25W *Power cord length: 0.8M Package 1x fan1X Lifetime service