'- Rainbow Knife Kitchen Starter Set (5 Professional Grade Rainbow Blade Knives) | Includes Knife Sharpener & Magnetic Wall Hanger | Red Hand

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This Starter Kit Includes 5 Piece Rainbow Knife Set 8' Chef Knife, 8' Bread Knife, 7' Santoku Knife, 5' Utility Knife and 3.5' pairing knife. Magnetic Knife Rack Magnetic strip for holding knives and tools while saving space. Great for organization and storage anywhere! Knife Sharpener Tungsten and ceramic blades for a razor sharp finish. Rubber coated for surface grip and safety. Read more Always Sharp & Easy to Use - Do you also want a way to easily store and organize your knives and also keep them super sharp without much effort at all - WeÕve bundled a free magnetic knife rack and a free easy to use knife sharpener for you to get the most out of your knives every day! Beautiful Rainbow Coloring - Each knife has a food grade stainless steel tang that is plated in beautiful non stick rainbow colored titanium. - The iridescent design catches the light and looks incredible during each use. Choose your handle color from classic black, green or red. Freebies Included - This set contains an easy to use compact knife sharpener. The magnetic wall mount can hold up each knife in our set, plus any magnetic metal utensil or kitchen gadget that you want! - Free up space in your drawers and kitchen and protect your blades from getting dull. Great for All Cooks - If youÕre just starting out or looking to upgrade your kitchen knives then this set is for you! - Each knife has an expertly designed ergonomic handle that ensures youÕre wrists and hands are comfortable every time you use your blades. Read more Mix & match colors! We got black handles & black racks. Mix & match colors! We got red handles & red racks. Mix & match colors! We got green handles. Mix & match colors! Choose your color combo today! Black & Black Red & Red Green & Black Red & Black