Pullman Loaf Pan with Lip, 0.99Lb Dough Capacity Non-stick Rectangle Flat Toast Box for Oven Baking 4.2' x 7.7'x 4.4'(Champagne Gold)

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0.5MM CARBON STEEL _ Fast heating: Less cooking time, better lock in the nutrients of food _ Even heating: Maintain consistent maturity, color and taste of food _ Low energy consumption: Save your time and money _ High strength: Strong material, superior performance in the oven, feel thicker on the hand _ Baking tips: Baking temperature is not recommended to exceed 428 _ SUPERIOR NON-STICK _ Food grade: Silicone coating, non-Teflon, PTFE & PFOA free _ High temperature resistance: No harmful substance precipitation, non-sticky superior performance _ Bake everything: American flat top toast, British hump toast, Breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. _ Healthy diet: Less oil also has good non-stickiness _ Easy release: After slightly cooling, it can be easily demoulded. Maintaining the integrity and beauty of pastries _ Easy clean: Hand wash with warm soapy water, then wipe, and finally dry through oven WARPING RESISTANCE _ Flow of steam and hot air through bottom air permeable holes to achieve toast--Outer crisp Inner soft _ Enhanced edge: Stronger traction, more stable overall baking tray, not easy to warp in high temperature _ Seamless Link: Durable, food without residue, easy to clean _ Longer service life: Better performance, more lasting lifetime _ Standard size, can be used with baking tools _ Clean tip: Avoid soaking, after cleaning, thoroughly dry through oven as soon as possible Read more 9 Inch Toast Knife 16 Inch Baking and Cooling Rack 17 Inch Sheet Pan 9.5 Inch Tart Pan Twinkie Cake Pan Christmas Cake PanCATEGORYToast KnifeBaking and Cooling RackSheet PanTart PanTwinkie Cake PanGift Cake PanSIZE9 Inch16 Inch17 Inch9.5 Inch8 Cups2.4 - 5.1 InchCOUNT1Pc1Pc1Pc1Pc with 2 part1Pc6PcsFDA______NON-TEFLON______