Printed Dishcloths Set of 3, Japanese White-Eye + Clover + Flower

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Printed Dishcloths Set of 3, Japanese White-Eye + Clover + Flower If you want to add a little color and pattern to your home, look no further than this Printed Dishcloth. It has 6 ply for extra absorbency and durability, and has a textured surface that allows for better cleaning while damp. The dishcloth measures 13.5 x 16' and has an adorable, printed dog design. During production, a temporary starch coating is applied to prevent the multiple layers of material from shifting. Because of this, the dishcloths are initially a bit stiff/crispy, but as you continue to use them, they will get very soft. To speed up the softening process, soak in boiling water a few times. The dishcloths are washing machine safe, but color will slightly fade and dishcloth will shrink by about 10 to 15% after first wash. Please do not use with bleach, or place in the dryer. Three dishcloths are included - Japanese white-eye, clover, flower prints. Made in Japan. Family Business & History began in 1930 as a mosquito net manufacturing company. Since then, the brand has evolved into a line of beautiful home textiles. is a fourth-generation family business located in Nara, Japan. Read more Printed Design has incorporated a variety of beautiful and playful designs into their printed collection. Many of these designs have traditional Japanese touches as well! Read more Traditional Japanese Weaving Each product is made in Nara, Japan with a traditional Japanese weaving technique. The fabric is incredibly strong, absorbent and quick-drying. Read more Set of 3 Printed DishclothsPrinted DishclothPrinted DishclothPrinted DishclothSet of 3 Printed DishclothsOrganic Cotton Throw BlanketColorJapanese White-Eye, Clover, Flower DesignsJapanese White-Eye DesignClover DesignFlower DesignBlack Cat, Fruit & Veggies, Strawberries DesignsGray & IvorySize13.5 x 16'13.5 x 16'13.5 x 16'13.5 x 16'13.5 x 16'58 x 67'Ply666664Charcoal-InfusedXXXXX_