Premium Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Refillble Coarseness Adjustable Salt and Pepper Mill Shakers Ceramic Spice Grinder with a Cleaning Brush of BonP

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Color:BlackDSCRIPTION With an elegant and concise looking salt and pepper shaker, plus the convenience of having it grind your spices, what more can you ask for? salt and pepper shaker is sure to enhance your meal preparation. Choose your spice but not only salt and pepper and grind it to perfection for your meal! How to Use: 1. Twist the cap in the counterclockwise direction to take it off from the glass bottle. 2. Refill the glass bottle with the spices you want and put the cap back on to the bottle and twist the cap in clockwise direction to seal it tightly. 3. Open the lid of the cap. 4. Rotate the grinding adjusting knob and adjust the coarseness based on your need. 5. Rotate the cap while fixing the glass bottle, then the spices powder will come out. How to Clean: 1. Twist the cap counterclockwise to take it off. 2. Pull the lid off. 3. Twist the coarseness adjusting knob counterclockwise until it comes out, and then remove the rubber gasket, ceramic rotor and the spring from the metal rod at the center of the cap. 4. Use the brush to clean each part and then rinse them with water. Use mild liquid soap or dish wash if necessary. 5. Air dry all the parts then reassemble it according to the structure chart. Package includes: -One grinder set of 2 PCS,One brush