Premium - Made in The USA - Dog Bones with Bone Marrow - Long Lasting Natural Beef Femur Chews - Best for Small Dogs - Shrink Wrapped fo

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was formed to provide the highest quality of all-natural dog treats available. We started by searching for quality products for our blue eyed puppy. Our products are: All Natural: No preservatives, chemicals or any other additives.Great low-fat dog chews sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Fully digestible and good for your pet.Promote cleaning your dog's teeth and gums.Treats for all sizes of dogs and chew types. Focused on low in fat and high in protein dog chews. offers high quality all natural affordable treats with these benefits: All Natural is committed to providing your dog with a wholesome and enjoyable experience. The chews are 100% Natural. Made from only Free Range Stock. Single Source Ingredients Since these treats are single ingredient and all natural chews, they do have a bit of scent to them. We do not treat our products with chemicals to remove odors. High Protein Low Fat Focused Our treats are high in protein low in fat. Unlike many chews on the market, they are highly digestible and filled with protein and not artificial fillers. Hand Packed in the USA We hand inspect and package every single chew at our facility in the USA. Our chews are from free ranging stock primarily in the US and South America which is know for it's high quality beef. Read more