Pewter Deer / Elk Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Artisan Designer Handcrafted for Cabin Lodge Mountain DŽcor 4.5 inch Tall

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Table accents with the natural style of Mother Nature and her wild beasts, 's Deer Salt and Pepper Set are loved by the outdoorsy set. Crafted in luxury-grade pewter, these Deer feature full racks of antlers, defined hooves and spirited faces. Deer/Elk Salt and Pepper Set Solid Pewter Noble solid pewter, which is 100% lead-free, food-safe, and will not tarnish. Unlike other metals where the plating will wear in time, our metal is solid and pure. Unique Design Unique and creative designs interpreted into functional tableware is what is known for. Slender asparagus as handles on a tray, silvery garlic cloves serving salt and pepper, nuanced details adding flair to any table. We believe what was old becomes new again with just a little twist. We are inspired by the accent corbel on an old building; the vintage treasure found while exploring Òout of the wayÓ antique stores. We look at an object, or even just a small part of it and imagine that inspiration into our creative offerings. Extraordinary Detail Using pewter as our primary medium allows us to create to our heart's content. This ancient and noble soft metal not only allows us to form any shape and design we can think of, but it also allows our artisans to carve and polish breathing life into each piece. We invite you to count the suckers on each octopus tentacle; feel the veins running through the oak leaves. Every time you look at or touch a piece, you will discover more little touches, setting apart from other makers of tableware. We have heard they pale in comparison. Read more Lodge Style Collection Rustic elegance is the essence of our Lodge Style Collection. Featuring multiple forms of wildlife, this collection utilizes pewter and antler pieces to create lively dŽcor. We use only naturally-shed, hand-gathered antler to craft our products. Read more About The Way We Think Our collections are inspired by nature and our travels, the places we call home, and our family's love for nature, celebration, tradition, and style. Our products reflect our mission to change the world for the better, to counter a world of a throw-away mentality and disposable gifts, a world where memories are fleeting, and traditions are forgotten. Our team of American designers focuses on creating exclusive, exquisite pieces that last a lifetime and create everlasting memories. Family Values We are proud to be a family-owned and operated American business located in the beautiful Southern California city of Sierra Madre. Three generations of our family work hand in hand each and every day. We believe that hard work and family dedication are the keys to the success of . Sharing our table and entertaining with family and friends make us appreciate what we have, and we continue to work towards bringing our tableware to share with you and yours. Our History was founded in June of 1986: using antique silver tableware and transforming it into jewelry and table accents. While maintaining the highest quality standards of materials and unique approach to design, the family expanded into pewter production shortly after the purchase. This wonderful metal allows our American designers to create to their hearts desires. This creativeness partnered with a team of truly gifted carvers, artisans and fabricators allow us to bring to life the many wonderful designs and collections that have grown into the global brand that it is today. Read more