Peppermint OilÊto RepelÊMiceÊDice -ÊMiceÊRepellent ReplacesÊMouseÊPoisonÊfor Home and Outdoor - 6 Pack

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Mice Dice are indoor safe and outdoor quality.Mice Dice are an essential humane mice repellent, rat repellent, and general rodent repellent.There's no need for mouse poison for home.Ê You can use peppermint oil to repel mice in our customized deploy able dice.Long lasting scent, no more short-lasting peppermint essential oil sprays.Avoid rat poison, use this eco friendly humane pest control solution. Ê Mice traps snap backs, Mice Dice naturally keep pests away from your property.No more lost air filters and chewed wires.Place in:ShedGarageCarBoatRVFarm equipmentSafe for kitchens or anywhere in your homeÊ100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We stand by our products. If for any reason they do not work for you, we will refund you in full.