Oven Mitts, Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitt Heat Resistant 500¡F, Food Safe Baking Gloves with Soft Inner Lining, Non-Slip Pot Holders for Kitchen

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- Devoted to providing valuable home, health, and electronic products. V - Value E - Environment H - Home H - Health E - Electronics Oven Mitts Make Your Cooking Time Easy and Safe oven mitts adopts food-grade silicone, safe and odorless. thickened quilted liner, can effectively defense against heat, which can provide protection up to 500¡F, compared with other oven mits in the market, our silicone gloves are 15 inches, longer wrist protection keeps you protected from fingertip to past your wrist. The unique texture of pattern and silicone particles provide the best grip, perfect for reaching into ovens and moving or holding hot pans, etc. Specifications: Material: food grade silicone Size: 15 x 7.6 inches Package: black silicone oven mitts Application:perfect for griping pots, pans and cookware and reaching into ovens Read more Thickened Quilted Liner: Our oven mitts are made of thickened quilted liner, thickened quilted liner increases heat insulation, can provide protection up to 500¡F. Besides, thickened quilted liner make it softer and more comfortable. Non-slip Grip Design: Our silicone pot holders are flexible, and the silicone part has an non-slip texture design, which can improve your grip of control and stability of high temperature, heavy or smooth objects. Longer Wrists Sleeves:Our cooking gloves are made of heat-resistant silicone and heat insulation cotton, which can provide protection up to 500¡F. The 15-inch length can completely wrap the arm to prevent burns Read more Heat Resistant Oven Gloves Compared to other oven mitts, our silicone oven gloves are more heat resistant up to 450¡F and provides you a much safer using when touch hot foods and tableware. 15 inches extra long mitts protect your whole forearm from boiling water and oils. Read more Read more