Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, Food-safe Copper Mugs, Mug with Brass Handle & Stainless-Steel Lining, with Copper Straws, Jigger and Shot Glass (Hammered)

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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, Food-safe Copper Mugs, Mug with Brass Handle & Stainless-Steel Lining, with Copper Straws, Jigger and Shot Glass (Hammered) Elegant cocktail drinkers understand - itÕs simply unacceptable to sip your Moscow mule from anything less than a genuine handcrafted Mule mug. Imitation mugs and glasses give you a nice illusion, but true cocktail connoisseurs realize what it is to experience the authentic Moscow mule drinking ritual.Blending rustic crafting methods with a food-safe metal design, ArtisanÕs Village brings you the copper mugs your Moscow mule deserves. Feel your cocktail come alive with the mix of old-school design and hammered-copper materials. You can even add some variety with the matching copper straws and shot glass included with every set.Sit back and delight in the time-honored tradition of enjoying Moscow mule the way 1940Õs New York bartenders intended.Relax, and let ArtisanÕs Village bring your cocktails to life. Key Features 16 oz COMFORT MUG Holds a satisfying portion of your favourite drink so you can avoid constant refilling.The hand-crafted strong brass handle offers superior long-lasting comfort & a unique look. UNIQUE 9-PIECE GIFT SET Includes 4 copper mugs, 4 straws, & a copper shot glass. Give the set to a vodka-loving friend or family member Or even better, one for you one for them! NO COMPROMISE ON TASTE Every cocktail tastes better cold, so donÕt forget to add ice. Copper protects the flavor, freshness & temperature of your favourite summer-day sipper. But we recommend savouring it all year round. Read more Traditional, Hand-Hammered Design Original dimpled design made in the traditional way just for the Moscow Mule. 9 Piece Set Includes: 4 Mugs4 Straws1 Shot Glass A smooth, polished rim delivers total sipping satisfaction, unlike the sharp edges of ordinary mugs. Sip with style through the matching copper straws & pour accurately with the included shot glass. Read more 4 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs W/4 Cocktail Copper Straws & Reciepe Booklet Gift Set Each mug is designed to ensure that you have a perfect drinking experience The 16-ounce size is exactly right for ingredients plus a few cubes of ice. Copper mugs bring out the perfect balanced flavor of the alcohol, ginger beer, and lemon in your drink. Finally, the lip of the mug is the right thickness and allows for the drink to gently flow into your mouth. Uses: Beautiful stylish drinkware works great for iced tea and coffee, vodka, beer, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks. Very useful, reasonable priced and ideal gift for Thanks Giving, Christmas or Birthday Gift Care Instructions Clean with a mixture of lemon and salt (a pinch) to remove any natural stains that appear inside the mug. Wipe with a drying cloth or paper towel immediately after wash. Do not leave your drink in the cup overnight to avoid stains. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher. Moscow Mule Copper Drinking Solid Hand Hammered Design Mugs Cups Straws Gift Set BONUS: Build your copper bar set - copper mugs, straws, coasters, and a shot glass At no extra cost, begin to build an elegant copper bar set with copper mugs, premium coasters, copper straws and a shot glass. Create beautiful, presentable cocktails using the straws or go for shots with a copper twist to them. A perfect gift for many occasions Everyone loves a set of these gorgeous copper mugs as a gift. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries and assured to be the most sought after gift during Christmas. These mugs will be a treasured gift and remind them of you at their happiest moments, over a drink!! Artisans Village Moscow Mule Copper Mugs,Handcrafted Copper MugsArtisans Village Moscow Mule Mug Hammered FinishArtisans Village Moscow Mule Mug Copper Plating Hammered FinishArtisans Village Moscow Mule Mug Copper Plating Hammered Thumb SupportArtisans Village Moscow Mule Mug High Gloss FinishColorCopperHammeredHammered CopperHammered Thumb SupportPlainUnit Per PackageSet of 4Set of 4Set of 2Set of 2Set of 2Recipe Book___General InfoStraws, Jigger and Shot GlassStraws, Jigger and Shot GlassStraws, Jigger and Shot Glass