LED T10 Tubular Edison Filament Light Bulbs (3 Pack) 6W Dimmable 60W Equivalent 120V for Cabinet Display, Piano Lamps, Clear Glass Deco

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LED T10 Tubular Edison Filament Light Bulbs (3 Pack) 6W Dimmable 60W Equivalent 120V for Cabinet Display, Piano Lamps, Clear Glass Decorative, Standard Medium E26 Base, Warm White 2700K Important Facts on Shopping for LED Light Bulbs: When shopping for light bulbs, please DO NOT go by the listing photos, as the photos cannot give you an accurate match. Instead, please verify the light bulb dimensions, shape code, base, voltage, and wattage all match the type you are replacing. Please also DO NOT go by the applications listed in the listing. There are many variations of light bulbs used for the same application. So, please make sure to make the right match prior to order. If the light flickers, that is a sign of LED incompatibility. To resolve this, try to use 1-2 incandescent light bulbs in the same fixture to help stabilize the circuit, as the LEDs consume too little wattage for the system to work properly. Please be advised in general LED light bulbs are not designed to be left on all night long every day. Extended hours of use every day will dramatically shorten the lifespan of most LED light bulbs due to overheating the LED chips. T10 LED Light Bulb Features: 60W Incandescent Replacement 60W Equivalent Incandescent Replacement90% Energy SavingLifetime: 25,000 hours High Color Rendering Index High Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80+ to see all colors the way they are supposed to be seen. Tight Fit Packaging for Safe Delivery Tight fit blister packaging inside each light bulb box to ensure safety during shipment. Read more Guide on Buying the Correct LED Light Bulbs: Base, Shape and Dimensions Base: E26, known as the standard medium screw base, with 26mm diameterShape: T10 or T30 (Europe)Diameter: 1.18 inchesLength: 4.92 inches Please make sure the light bulb base matches what your light fixture has. Some light fixtures may not work with LED light bulbs. Examples of incompatibility include a motion sensing switch or specialized fixture not designed for LED, or higher power line voltage variation, as LED light bulbs are more sensitive to voltage variations than traditional light bulbs. Light Temperature These LED light bulbs output 2700K light temperature, which is considered warm white or soft white. The glow is yellowish, providing a warm and cozy ambience. However, it is NOT ultra warm around 2200K, which is closer to amber color instead. Please look carefully at the output light color prior to purchase. Working with LED Dimmers These LED light bulbs are only dimmable using dimmers designed for LED light bulbs. Common LED dimmers that work with this light include LUTRON DVCL-153P, LEVITON 6631, etc. Dimming using non-LED dimmers will result in incompatibility, as LED dimmers work very differently from traditional dimmers. Common issues include not dimming, flickering, not able to turn off the light. Please check the compatibility of your dimmer switch or light fixture prior to purchase. If unsure, then most likely dimming will not work and we advise you to purchase non-LED light bulbs. Read more