LED Strip Light, 3000K-6000K Tunable White, 65.6ft Dimmable Bright LED Tape Lights, 2835 LED , Strong 3M Adhesive, Suitable for Home, Kitchen,

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led Strip Lights 6000k (20M) led Strip Lights 6000k (10M)Led strip lights 10MLed strip lights 20MLed strip lights for carLed strip lights for TV 3MFeets65.8FT32.9FT32.9FT65.8FT4.2FT9.84FTAPP______Remote Control______Music Control ______waterproof______ColorCCTCCTRGBRGBRGBRGB Easy to cut The LED strip can be cut once every 6 LEDs, so you can use it more conveniently and cut it according to your needs RF Remote Control Control with the RF remote control, RF remotes do not have to be aimed at the receiver. Brightness adjustmentSwitch 2 modes: warm white/ cool whiteFlash modeTimer button. Easy to Install Clean and dry the installation place.Peel off the self-adhesive tape and stick the strip lights on the surface.Fix the installation with buckle for double stable.Connect the LED strips to the receiver cable and plug in the power.Turn on the light strips with remote control. Read more Read more