LED Safety Dog Collar, Glowing Pet Collar USB Rechargeable Adjustable Size with Steady Flashing/Strobe Light,Waterproof Dog Collar Light for Sm

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Why Choose ? 1. As you do, we know what our pet friends need to be happy and safe.. We are a group of pet lovers, who like all of our customers care so much about our pet friends, who commit to offering our lovely pet friends the most pleasurable life experience as they do to humankind. 2. We specializes in offering our pet friends the harmless and pet-friendly products. Before launching, all products have been tested with our pet friends and modified, with the high quality soft nylon, hassle-free buckle and the adjustable size button, finally we are so happy to see our pet dogs fall in love with this new kit. 3. We are brand-oriented, you can get the high quality & pet-friendly products with reasonable cost. If you may have any problems with our products or services, feel free to let us know. NOTE_Chances are that the light wont get on, when click the button. Dont worry, just remember to charge the battery first before using the led pet collar. The pet collar is quipped with one-click hassle free buckle, which is made of premium abs plastic and curved to offer pet friends the most pleasurable using experience, frees them of any uncomfortable feeling. The led pet collar is designed with a built-in battery. One full charge lasts for at least 8hours.Put on this glowing collar for our pet friends in the evening or dawn to keep them visible and safe in the darkness. The reflective collar comes with the adjustable size button, and non-rusting D ring. Adjustable size button helps get our pet friends the most-fit size and the D ring helps you to add the pet tag or harness leashes. The light up collar is bright enough to make our pets visible even max 300ft far away in the darkness. The glowing part of the collar is transparent and rainproof, so donÕt worry about the brightness. Read more Get Our Pet Friends the Most-Fit & Comfortable Size First, Measure the neck size of our pet friends. Second, Check our size chart on the product detail page or below info. Lets 'A 'means our friends' neck size If A is smaller than 11.8in, choose SmallIf A is between 11.8in and 14.9in, choose either Small or MediumIf A is between 14.9in and 18.1in, choose MediumIf A is between 18.1in and 24.0in, choose Large Our led pet collar has a size adjustable button, where there are size spaces. Just get the size as we suggested. Read more Read more