LED A15 Refrigerator Light Bulbs (6-Pack) 4W 40W Replacement Small for Appliances, Freezers, Ceiling Fans, 120V, E26 Standard Medium Ba

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LED A15 Refrigerator Light Bulbs (6-Pack) 4W 40W Replacement Small for Appliances, Freezers, Ceiling Fans, 120V, E26 Standard Medium Base, Frosted Cover, Not Dimmable, 3000K Soft White Important Facts on Shopping for LED Light Bulbs: Please verify your light bulb type by matching the Shape (A15), Base (E26) and Wattage instead of the appliance type alone. If the light flickers, that is a sign of LED incompatibility. To resolve this, try to use 1-2 incandescent light bulbs in the same fixture to help stabilize the circuit, as the LEDs consume too little wattage for the system to work properly. Please be advised in general LED light bulbs are not designed to be left on all night long every day. Extended hours of use every day will dramatically shorten the lifespan of most LED light bulbs due to overheating the LED chips. Guide on Buying the Correct LED Light Bulbs: Base, Shape and Dimensions Base: E26, known as Medium Screw Base, with 26mm diameterShape: A15 Bulb (A50 in Europe)Diameter: 1.97 inchesLength: 3.5 inches Please make sure the light bulb base matches what your light fixture has. There are other types of appliance bulbs used for the same appliance type, as different appliance brands use different light bulb types. An example is the T8 E17 intermediate screw base bulb, which has a much smaller base with 17mm diameter. Please make sure to order the correct light bulb type for your appliance prior to purchase. Lighting Features Power: 4 Watts (40W Incandescent Equivalent), 400 Lumens, 90% energy savings!Voltage: 110V, 120V, 130V ACBeam Angle: 240¡Material: Frosted Plastic CoverColor Rendering Index (CRI): 80+ for vivid and enhanced colorNot dimmableInstant On. No Mercury. No UV/IR lightLifetime: 30,000 hours (27 years with average of 3 hours use per day)CE and RoHS (No Lead) CompliantPack of 6 Light Temperature These LED light bulbs output 3000K light temperature, which is considered soft white or warm white. The glow is yellowish, providing a warm and cozy ambiance. Please note this is NOT the bright white or daylight color. Please look carefully at the output light color prior to purchase. Read more Not Dimmable Please note this product is not dimmable. Please do not use it with any dimmer. Read more Incandescent A15 E26 40W Appliance BulbIncandescent A15 E26 25W Appliance BulbIncandescent T8 E17 40W Appliance BulbLED A15 E26 4W Appliance BulbBulb ShapeA15A15T8A15BaseE26 Medium Screw (26mm Diameter)E26 Medium Screw (26mm Diameter)E17 Intermediate Screw (17mm Diameter)E26 Medium Screw (26mm Diameter)Wattage40W25W40W4WEquivalent Wattage40WVoltage110V, 120V, 125V, 130V110V, 120V, 125V, 130V110V, 120V, 125V, 130V110V, 120V, 125V, 130VDimmable___Color Temperature2700K Warm White2700K Warm White2700K Warm White3000K Soft White/5000K Daylight