KOLUMAN USB C Cable 4 Assorted Lengths (10ft+ 6ft+ 3ft +0.6ft) Nylon Braided Fast Charging Cords, High Speed(Gray)

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The Perfect Combination One 10 ft A to C cable, one 6 ft A to C cable, one 3 ft A to C and one 0.6 ft A to C cable for a new generation of Type-C devices. Charge or transfer data between Android phones, or your mobile accessories. A durable multi-pack of cables with reinforced insulation designed to withstand everyday stress, bends, twists, and pulls. Use it safety durability High resistance to splitting and breaking the cable has been tested and bent 95 degrees 12000+ times. USB Type-C connector WARNING! Before making a purchase,please ensure your device is compatible with the USB Type-C connector. This cable will NOT work with Micro USB devices. Different Lenghts The USB Type-C cable is ideal for varied occasions, you can still use your devices while charging with an adapter in your bedroom, kitchen, and at the backseat of your car. Faster and more stable charging and data sync speed When charging, make sure to keep away from heat sources and do not charge devices under pillows or quilts.Please ensure the cable is fully inserted into the device. Stop unnecessary programs when charging. Please, Do not use your phone or device while charging.Regularly check the adapter and keep the adapter and the cable dry. USB TYPE C CHARGING CABLE WITH 4 LENGHTS Data Hi-speed Transfer between computer and phones or hard disk. Charge faster than most standard cables, good quality cable keeps your devices and charging adapters away from damage. Perfect length for all situation, such as outdoor, in your car& office. Enjoying the data sync & charge anywhere and anytime.