Klee 11-Piece Heat-Resistant Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set with Stainless Steel Handles (Black)

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Color:BlackUpgrade Your Kitchen TodayStruggling with food prep that takes longer than it should and hurts your hands? ItÕs never too late to start using the right tools! Using appropriate kitchen utensils make a huge difference. Start cooking with our ideal kitchen tools set for an easy, pleasurable cooking experience!Sleek Black Silicone Cookware SetCrafted with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel and silicone, heat resistant up to 446¡F/ 230¡C. Silicone is lightweight, flexible, durable and perfect for nonstick cookware. Silicone kitchen tools wonÕt scratch or damage nonstick pots and pans, keeping your favorite nonstick cookware in great condition!Better than Nylon Silicone kitchen tools can withstand higher heat than nylon kitchen tools. Silicone is softer and more flexible than nylon, making it less likely to chip, scratch or break! Ergonomic Design and Dishwasher SafeDishwasher safe for your convenience! The large, ergonomic utensil handles are comfortable and easy to grip, with cutouts for hanging the utensils on hooks. Lightweight and durable, these utensils combine the best of both worlds to keep your kitchen a safe, efficient, happy environment!Set of 11 Nylon Cooking UtensilsSolid Turner Slotted Turner Ð allow excess oil and sauce to drip away before transferring food from pan to plate.Solid Serving Spoon Soup Ladle Spaghetti Server / Pasta Spoon Ð youÕll wonder how you ever managed without it! The perfect solution for serving pasta and spaghetti. Skimmer Spoon / Strainer Spoon Ð Easily lift ravioli and cooked vegetables, leaving the water behind! Asian Turner Ð extra-wide turner for nonstick pans and cookware Slotted Asian Turner Slotted Serving Spoon Nonstick Spatula Ð spatula for nonstick pans and cookware Potato Masher Ð save your wrist; mashing potatoes with a potato masher is much easier than mashing them with a fork!