Kitchen Dish Towels 15 inch x 25 inch Cotton Absorbent Quick Drying Multipurpose Dish Cloths Tea Towels Cleaning Cloth Dish Towels and Dish Cl

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[Ultra light, fast absorption, quick drying, machine washable, easy to clean and maintain] Our dish towels can help you clean more efficiently without leaving a trace of dirt. Colorful dish towels keep you in a good mood every day Woven by pure cotton yarn, it can easily clean table tops, stovetops, tableware, kitchen utensils, etc. It can also be used as a placemat. The four colors of blue, red, light blue and yellow will make your family more vigorous and make you and your family have a good mood every day. Read more No shed hair, no ball, no fading After cleaning, it will not leave fluff or fade in the dish 80% cotton material, effectively cleans oil stains and quickly absorbs water,you can use it with confidence Strong and durable, in addition to cleaning work, it can also be used as a placemat The surrounding is strengthened and firm, and there will be no disconnection, ensuring long-lasting durability, reusable, and can withstand 2000 machine washes Read more Can be hung on the wall, very convenient. Take a piece for an outdoor picnic. If the drink is poured out, it can be cleaned quickly. Multi-purpose, can also be used during baking.Using our dish towel to take dishes will not burn your hands. Read more