Kichwit Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet with The 3rd Option ÒEmptyÓ, Non-Scratch Strong Magnet Backing, Residue Free Adhesive Included, 3.5Ó Diameter, B

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Color:Black3 OPTIONS: CLEAN, DIRTY & EMPTY Always wondering if your dishwasher is loaded or unloaded, clean or dirty? Now you will know the answer by a simple glance! With the 3rd option ÒEMPTYÓ, you will know exactly what the status of the dishwasher is. Change it to EMPTY when itÕs unloaded, while choose ÒCLEANÓ or ÒDIRTYÓ if the dishwasher is loaded with clean or dirty dishes. Never become confused again! Strong Magnets and Residue Free Adhesive Sticker OptionOur dishwasher magnet works on ANY dishwashers. It is backed by 3 super strong round magnets that will stay on your dishwasher firmly.Easy to use and magnet does not scratch stainless steel surfaces.If you have stainless steel dishwashers that magnets won't stick to, use the double sided clear adhesive tape that comes in the package.No residue left when removing the magnet from your dishwasher!Letters very clear in bold, green, red and blue background makes it easy to read from a distance. Package Includes: Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet x1Double Sided Adhesive x1