Interactive Cat Catnip Toys, Funny Kitten Turntable Toys with Strong Suction Cup, Windmill Spring Cat Toy Balls for Indoor Cats

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Read more Package Includes 1 x Windmill Cat Toys3 x Catnip Balls1 x Product Manual About Size: Length:9.76inch Width:4.17inch Height:3.62inch HOW TO ATTRACT CATS? Adopt gravity rotation function Contain the mint taste that cats love to attract catsContain the function of funny cat stick and funny cat ball PLEASE ATTENTION: Before adsorption, please wipe clean the dust layer on the surface. Make sure that the surface is smooth,wet the suction cup and press it to drive away the air then stick this indoor cat toys. ABOUT FUNCTION: Improve IQ Increase exercise Eliminate anxiety Far away from lonely Read more Teaser Ball There are two funny cat balls on the left and right sides Smooth cat ball can prevent cat's claw scratchesThe sphere can arouse the catÕs interest to interact Spring Bar Removable spring cat stick Insert the spring bar into the spindle system to rotate under the action of external forceWhen the cat gently dials it, it will automatically rotate freely and lightly Mint Balls The transparent cover contains 3 catnip balls, which can stimulate and attract cats very well. CAT MINT: Cat's favorite smellVITAMIN:Rich in vitamins C,D,and E Read more