Humane Multi-Catch Mouse Trap Repeater Corner Unit - Catch and Release Reusable Safe Design

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I trap by offers some of the best in the trapping business! The multi-catch humane repeater corner trap is no exception. It can catch a dozen mice at a time & requires no winding, batteries or maintenance. Simply position the trap in areas of known Mouse activity with the opening along the wall & curious mice will enter the one-way trap & bam they are caught! Designed to fit perfectly in the corner of virtually any room. Clear window in the top means trap can be checked quickly. To release Simply take the trap to the desired area, Open the lid, & dump the mice out. Can be used with or without bait. Mouse entry holes are 1.38' Wide & 1.13' Tall. Window measures 5.13' X 2.86'. Overall dimensions are 10.38' X 6.75' X 2.05'. Includes one trap.