Hotspot Pets Grass-Fed Bully Sticks for Dogs | One-Ingredient Rawhide-Free Bully Stick Springs | Dental Chew Treat Easy to Digest & Great for Dog's He

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Are you looking for a safe, healthy treat to give to your dog but donÕt want to break the bank? Have you purchased other bully sticks in the past but found them to be inconsistent, too thin, or gave off a foul odor? If you answered YES to either of those questions, then youÕre going to love these Single-Ingredient Grass-Fed Bully Sticks for Dogs! Providing your pup with the right dog treat will not only make them happy and keep them occupied, but it can have a tremendous positive impact on their overall health and well-being. These bully Springs are loved by all dogs: big and small, young and old. Not only are they a delicious treat for dogs to munch on, but theyÕre good for them too! These bully stick springs are high in protein and can help clean their teeth and gums, eliminate bad breath, improve their coatÕs shine and feel, strengthen their muscles, and help optimize their brain. Giving your doggie one of these curly bully sticks regularly is a no brainer! Keep Your Doggy Healthy At The Same Time Cheaply-made dog chews can hurt your petÕs teeth and gums. Low-quality dog pet treats may contain harmful ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or can upset a sensitive stomach. Not our cow hooves! Every single HotSpot Pets treat is not only 100% delicious, but also 100% pet-safe and vet-approved! Surprise Your Doggy Today! 3 Reasons Why Your Pooch Will Love Our Curly Bully Spring Sticks NEVER ANY ADDED JUNK INGREDIENTS: our healthy and fully-digestible bully sticks are ideal for both moderate and power chewers. Rest assured that your furry friend will enjoy up to a whole day of chewing fun (depending on your dogÕs chewing habits)GREAT FOR DENTAL CARE: Dogs often chew aggressively to relieve anxiety or stress. By providing dog chews regularly you can promote healthy, regular habits instead. These are great for teething pups and pups that love chewing. What's more fun than chewing on something so yummy?VERY SAFE FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND: Rawhide dog bones are not good for your dog. They can actually get stuck in their intestine and be very difficult for them to pass. These puppy chews contain NO rawhide and are easily digestible. Read more Dog-Approved and Dog Owner-Recommended Treats: Dental-icious Treats: Keep your pupÕs teeth and gum healthy and strong with our nutritional and gluten-free dog chews. Prevent tartar and plaque buildup while strengthening your petÕs jaws.All Natural Dog Chews: Curly Bully Sticks chewy texture perfect for hours of fun. Made and sourced from Brazil.Top Quality Chews: All our Bully Sticks are hand inspected and Packed to ensure top quality and conditions Read more All Natural - Single Ingredients Beef Bully A Few More Details: Length (approx.): 6' eachCalories: 1484 kcal/kg, 294 kcal per boneShelf Life: 36 months (long time, right?)Ingredients: Beef Pizzle Perfect For All Breeds Large, Medium & Small Pups: What makes these Bully Sicks for pets so special is that all dogs will go craze over them! From German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies to Labrador Retrievers and Boxers, every breed loves our treats! Sourced From South America South America Strong: This South American-made product is sourced from Grass Fed Cattle,with top quality ingredients. Buy with confidence knowing this dog chew is responsibly sourced and held to the highest safety standards. Read more