HOME-X Reusable Microwave Plate with Dome Lid Cover

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When you need to reheat your favorite meals, you want them to taste just as good as the day you cooked them. But certain foods can get soggy and lose their appeal. Think pizza or fried chicken. This Microwave Pizza Tray with Vent Lid is the perfect solution. It features a large plastic plate that has ridges for helping your food to crisp and to remove excess moisture or grease. The plate comes with a dome lid that has a vent at the top so steam can escape. You can even adjust the vent between completely open, fully closed, and small venting holes. The cover also helps keep splatters contained and your microwave clean so that you donÕt have to worry about those tough stains. We also added an ergonomic handle to help you get your food out of the microwave without getting burned. The set measures 10.5Ó in diameter and is 5.25Ó tall, so it will fit in most microwaves with room to spare. You can use these pieces together or separately. The lid is transparent to allow you to see how your food is doing in the microwave. We recommend giving this set to a college student who is prepping their dorm, a friend who is getting married, or a family member celebrating a birthday. Of course, it always makes a great Christmas present! This useful kitchen gadget will get plenty of use! Plus, the durable plastic is heat-resistant and dishwasher safe, so you can use this tool again and again. The reusable nature of these dishes makes them eco-friendly, so you can feel as good about using them as your food tastes after reheating.