High Grade Wooden Pants Hangers Space Saving with 360¡ Swivel Hook Non Slip Durable Anti Rust Design 4-Tier Trouser Slack Jeans Skirt Shorts

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1.SPACE-SAVING HANGERS-Our space-saving hangers may just be the help that you need! we understand that your closet is where you get ready to face the day. If you feel good when you leave home, it's going to change your outlook for the rest of the day! Thus, we offer these specially curated hangers to make the most out of your closet space! 2.BEAUTIFUL AND SMART DESIGN -Our hangers are crafted with a base made of resilient Grade A lotus wood and hand-painted with a dark walnut color that will exude class and elegance in your wardrobe. 3.RELIABLE HANGERS - Each hanger has 4 pants bars that are etched from end-to-end to keep your clothes from slipping off. Holding all these components are thick and strong 4 mm polished metal frames that are smoothened to prevent damage on your clothes. Notches were added to these metal frames to allow for hanging of strappy clothes such as camisoles, dresses with straps, etc. 4.360¡ SWIVEL - the top of each hanger is fitted with a 360-degree anti-rust swivel hook to enable you to easily rotate the hanger from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa. 5.MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE -Each set contains two 4-in-1 hangers, equivalent to 8 ordinary hangers. You can use this for almost any item of clothing: pants, shirts, blouses, coats, strap tops, ties, scarves, the list just goes on and on!You can strategize by putting the same type of clothing for each hanger, or you can plan for your attire the next day by putting an outfit-of-the-day set in a hanger.