Heavy Duty 50 Pack Plastic Hangers, Durable Clothes Hangers with Non-Slip Pads, Space Saving Easy Slide Organizer for Bedroom Closet, Great f

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Happy Wife Hapy Life Ultra thin design maximizes your closet space while keeping it well organized. 360¡swivel hooks help hang your garments easily. Non-slip pads great for indoor wardrobe organization and windproof hooks for outdoor clothes air-drying. Read more Ultra Sturdy This ultra strong plastic hangers are made of high grade ABS, hold up to 10 pounds Non-slip Design Non-slip pads keep garment in natural shape without shoulder bump and prevent slipping or falling down. Extra Hanging Space A secondary hang bar for ties, belt, scarves or other accessories. PROTECT COLLAR DESIGN S shape hangers convenient for hanging and take down your clothes, well protect your collar. Read more S Shape Plastic Hanger Flexible Plastic Hanger S Shape Plastic Hanger Plastic Hanger Plastic Hanger for Children Baby Clothes HangersColorGrayWhiteWhiteWhitePinkBeigeSize16.5'x8.7' 16.75' x 8.25'16.5'x8.7' 16.5'x8.7' 12.75'x8.25'11.6' x 7.7'Functiondry and wet clothes dry and wet clothes dry and wet clothes dry and wet clothes dry and wet clothes dry clothes