Handmade Red and White Polka Dot Ceramic Sugar Bowl, Pot with Lid | Pottery Honey Jar, Jam Jar | Housewarming Gift

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Simple but impressive reasons to buy this product: Individually handmade and painted sugar bowl is created and designed with caring hands to ensure you have high quality and individuality. Why not brighten up your kitchen with a polka dot sugar bowl, teapot and milk jug set. This classic sugar bowl with lid can be used to be a loving home for the sweeter things in life including honey. Whether you want to use it as a sugar bowl with spoon or a honey pot with a honey dipper. The perfect sugar bowl for kitchens wanting a modern and vibrant touch of colour. Helping save the environment one sugar bowl at a time all our ceramic sugar bowls are made using solar power, enabling you to have a decorative sugar bowl which you can leave on your breakfast table. The vibrant red and white sugar bowl with lid has a smooth, unbroken glossy surface. Whether you call it a sugar bowl, sugar dish, sugar pot or sugar basin your friends will notice the great new addition you have when its tea time. Save time on the washing up with this spotty sugar bowl by putting it in the dishwasher when itÕs time to clean. Whether you use it for sugar or honey it will not absorb odours or flavours and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. Our polka dot dinnerware family and other polka dot crockeries are unique gifts for all tastes. So why not add some polka dot mugs and polka dot milk jug to make it a polka dot tea set which everyone will love! Maybe place some polka dot dinnerware on the table too.