'- Graphite Hammer, Smooth Face 16 oz. (DO16-GS)

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- Graphite Hammer, Smooth Face 16 oz. (DO16-GS) Product DescriptionDead On - are upgraded tools, tool rigs and pouches. The iconic DO21C Framing Hammer, Annihilator wrecking bar and The Exhumer nail puller lead the way in design and innovation. Located in Schaumburg IL, a Pull'R Holding Company represent true strength in the tool market.From the Manufacturer 16 Ounce Milled Face Graphite Shaft Hammer has graphite in the shaft for increased strength. It has a triple heat treated head, that is drop forged and polished. The diamond plate pattern used on the the grip provides additional gripping power. Founded on the simple principle that even serious tools can be fun, is the professionals' brand of choice. When superior quality and performance coupled with a desire to look good on the job are needed, Dead On offers tools that have Quality and Precision that's Dead On.