Gorgeous [8 Cup] French Press Coffee Maker & Tea Maker (34 Oz) Ð Best CafŽ Press Pot with 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel & No-Shatter Borosilicate Glass Ð

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Gorgeous [8 Cup] French Press Coffee Maker & Tea Maker (34 Oz) Ð Best CafŽ Press Pot with 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel & No-Shatter Borosilicate Glass Ð Drink the Perfect Cafetiere Cuppa Every Time! SORRY BARISTAÕS Ð THIS DELIVERS FASTER, MORE FLAVORFUL COFFEE! STOP MISTREATING YOUR TASTE BUDS Ð STOP MISSING OUT ON ALL THOSE AMAZING HIDDEN FLAVORS! Take your coffee to a whole new level of flavor power with the hot brew and cold brew French press coffee maker even critics rave about! Designed to brew up to 8 cups of fresh coffee at home, this new French Press was carefully designed with a high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel finish, and boasts a heat-resistance glass carafe. RAPID-BREW DOUBLE-SCREEN FILTER Crave a smooth and ground-free brew with full flavor each and every time you brew a pot of coffee? Our reusable, durable, double mesh micro filter delivers you the aromatic creaminess you desire WITHOUT the waste from traditional paper filter French Presses create. FUNCTION + ELEGANCE = THE PERFECT BREWING EXPERIENCE. YOU [OR YOUR BELOVED] ALWAYS COME FIRST! Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We've worked very hard to create a French Press that is both stylish AND easy-to-use. YouÕll feel 100% thrilled or we want to hear from you! Easy, Seamless & All-Exclusive! á 2 premium long-lasting mesh coffee filters á A handy coffee scoop á A detailed user manual that includes instructions as well as coffee tips and tricks á An invitation to join our VIP email club, which gives you access to exclusive promotions! If you LOVE the ambiance welcoming friends and family into your home with a perfect creates AND presentation and style matter to your mental happiness AND you demand the most mouthwatering cafŽ youÕve ever experienced (hands down) then we welcome you to the world of FRENCH PRESS BLISS today! USE THE CULINARY PRESTIGE FRENCH PRESS TO MAKE DELICIOUS COFFEE UNLIKE ANYTHING YOUÕVE HAD BEFORE! STEP 1 Warm the glass carafe with hot, but not boiling, water. STEP 2 Add the required amount of coarse ground coffee (1 rounded teaspoon for each 4 oz. cup is ideal). ItÕs best to start with fresh whole beans and grind them as required for each use (we like using the Burr Grinder!). STEP 3 Pour hot (never boiling) water into the coffee press. The ideal temperature if 195-205F / 90-96C. Leave a minimum of 1 inch of space from the top of the carafe. STEP 4 Stir the grounds gently with a plastic or wooden spoon (donÕt use metal!), ensuring that you get to the bottom of the carafe. STEP 5 Place the filter and lid on loosely and allow coffee to brew and steep for 4 minutes. A unique double screen filter system ensures that there are never any loose grounds in your cup of coffee. STEP 6 Holding the coffee press handle firmly with the spout turned away from you, apply minimal pressure and slowly lower the plunger straight down. This separates the grounds from the water and stops the brewing process. STEP 7 Serve the coffee straight away and enjoy! ENJOY!